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Big Flat Elastic

Big Flat Elastic

Big Flat Elastic by Screen International is a large fixed frame screen. This screen is designed to be used in very large rooms, theatres or when a large electric screen is not suitable. This screen is available in Video and Widescreen formats. The size of this screen can be customised to suit almost any requirement. The Big Fat Elastic is an easy to install screen which uses elasticated fixings to keep the screen taught. A White pearl surface is a standard screen surface with this product with a Gain of 1.4. This product is perfect for small or large groups of people which could make this product a great investment for any occasions. Perfect for Educational, Business or Personal use!

Big Flat Elastic Catalogue

Format Measurements:
Measures Width x Height in Cm 
Format 4/3 Format 16/9 Format 16/10
160 x 120cm  160 x 90cm  160 x 100cm
180 x 135cm  180 x 101cm  180 x 113cm
200 x 150cm  200 x 112cm  200 x 125cm
220 x 165cm 220 x 124cm 220 x 137cm
250 x 190cm  250 x 140cm  250 x 156cm
300 x 225cm 300 x 169cm 300 x 188cm
350 x 265cm 350 x 197cm 350 x 219cm
400 x 300xm 400 x 225cm 400 x 250cm


  • Smart design and easy to install
  • Aluminium 80x40 mm. (width x depth) with aluminium edges
  • Frame painted with dull black epoxy powders (RAL 9005)
  • Three mounting brackets for the Big Flat Elastic 500 cm. and 600 cm. of width.
  • Four mounting brackets for the Big Flat Elastic 700 cm. of width
  • Projection fabrics are flame-retardant, classification M1 and M2

Viewing surfaces available with this model are:


  • White            Gain 1.2
  • White Pearl   Gain 1.2
  • Microholes    Gain 1.0
  • FrontRear      Gain 0.9


  • Rear Pluss   Gain 1.1 
  • Rear Lux      Gain 2.5 
  • Front/Rear    Gain 0.9

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