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Fancy hotel ready to set sail with Camstage aid

The long-awaited Mondrian hotel opened Tuesday, Sept. 30, on the Thames River in London's Southbank neighborhood. Go past a ship's hull in the lobby. Check out the meals and drinks sure to impress. Enjoy the rooms that reflect a transatlantic journey via a ship. But also make time to check out the small, intimate cinema where Camstage Ltd.'s quality workmanship contributes to a first class experience. Camstage, a leading do-it-all contractor in the professional cinema and theatre industry, was a subcontractor for its latest bout with boutique cinemas.

Bank of Lloyd ad featuring curtains by Camstage

Have you seen the latest Lloyds Bank ad about Club Lloyds Current Account? Then you've seen some of Camstage Ltd.'s stage curtain work at the Gate PictureHouse in Notting Hill, London. The ad includes shots from the Oliver Twist movie on a screen at The Gate. PictureHouse often chooses Camstage, a leading UK contractor for professional theatres and cinemas, for updates to its facilities. For instance, Camstage has installed the screen and curtain hardware at The Gate over the years.

Camstage installs screen in mobile cinema

Camstage took a few photos during the early restoration stages. In one, Geoff Newitt, the projection engineer for Picturehouse, checks out the newly purchased mobile cinema. Then Camstage's Ben Jones waits as the trailer is opened so he can access the screen in Rendlesham. Ben Jones brought in his own water, mixed the cleaning solution and then spent hours scrubbing the screen. The effort resulted in an acceptable screen. But it didn't take long to determine the refurbished screen did not match Picturehouse's high standards. PictureHouse decided to spend more money and chose Camstage to install an up-to-date screen.

Camstage installs acoustic walls at Dulwich Picturehouse

Movies are showing at East Dulwich Picturehouse in London in a building Camstage Ltd. helped renovate. Camstage, a leadng supplier and installer for professional cinemas and theatres in the UK, is part of a team helping the national cinema business convert the St Thomas More Hall, a former social club, into a 3-screen cinema with ancillary cafe/ bar space. The changes required adding to the building as well as interior renovations.

Camstage quickly answers call for help

Camstage Ltd., the UK's leading cinema vendor, answered a distress call from Vue Basingstoke in Festival Place Saturday. Staff quickly fixed the main driver units in the hanging speakers behind the screen in one of the cinema's 10 film rooms. Vue Basingstoke is a 10-screen cinema with about 2,166 seats. The shopping centre has more then 165 shops to choose from, 28 restaurants, bars and cafes to sample, premium night club, as well as state-of-the-art sports centre and library.Selected screens are fitted with the latest digital 3D projectors.

Congratulations Arcadia Cinema

Camstage Ltd., which operated, helped an Italian cinema achieve a great industry honour.
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