ClothGrip Kit - Per Square Meter - Cara Fabric

ClothGrip Kit - Per Square Meter - Cara Fabric

ClothGrip Edge 32mm Extrusion 2.5m

ClothGrip™ Edge 32mm Extrusion 2.5m

ClothGrip™ Edge 32mm Extrusion 2.5m is manufactured from a high impact PVC. Installation is easy just cut to the required length then staple, bond or screw to the wall or ceiling. Used for a complete cloth wall solution, can be used in conjunction with Wrap or Joiner (Butt) Extrusion for its superior finish. used with an acoustic core for a leading sound solution.

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ClothGrip™ Edge 32mm Extrusion 2.5m

ClothGrip™ Extrusions are a modular acoustic panel solution manufactured from high impact PVC. ClothGrip Edge Extrusion is manufactured in a way that it can be screwed, bonded or stapled to a wall. Extrusion can be manufactured to achieve a ClothGrip™ acoustic wall panel of almost any shape with a black edge finish, it can be used in conjunction with Wrap or Butt Extrusion. Use ClothGrip Edge Extrusion with an acoustic core (CamTek Acoustic Foam) for the best quality sound.


To guarantee the best possible quality surround sound you need to eliminate reverberation. You also need to stop cross-noise leaking into other auditoriums (in multi-screen cinemas for example) or indeed into your neighbour’s house if you have a home cinema! Our ClothGrip™ acoustic wall treatments take care of both reverberation and sound control.


Installation is easy! Just cut with a saw to the required length then staple, bond or screw to the wall or ceiling. The extrusion can cover over cables and wires so there’s no need for electricians or plasterers. For a complete acoustic cloth wall solution, ClothGrip™ Edge is use in conjunction with ClothGrip™ Wrap and ClothGrip™ Joiner (Butt) Extrusion. Add an acoustic 25mm core foam for a leading sound solution this is optional.

Camstage’s acoustic wall system ClothGrip™ absorbs high levels of reflective noise within a space. ClothGrip™ systems consist of our patented plastic extrusion ClothGrip™, infilled with sheets of CamTek™ foam covered with a stretch fabric. Any design is marked out directly onto the walls. The ClothGrip™ extrusion is cut to the design and each individual piece is fitted to the wall to create ClothGrip™ panels or a
continuous stretch wall. These are then infilled with CamTek™ foam. The final step is to cover the CamTek™ foam with cloth, installing it into the ClothGrip™ extrusion frames perfectly and flush to any size wall or shape. CamTek™ is our own product and it forms the core of Camstage’s ClothGrip™ acoustic panels. It is a flexible, lightweight melamine-based acoustic foam. It provides a high sound absorbency, and has a Class O fire specification, also used by the aviation industry. The CamTek™ foam sheets have a standard depth of 25mm. These CamTek™ foam sheets can be manufactured to higher depths on request. The extra depth panels are usually installed on the back wall of a cinema to improve soundproofing from the projection room.

Camstage knows cinema auditoriums come in all shapes and sizes, and not all walls are uniform - particularly in older buildings, this is why our ClothGrip™ panels are perfect to suit any auditorium as the ClothGrip™ panels are built on site to your specifications. Any of Camstage’s stretch fabric can be used so there is a wide range of colours and designs from which to choose. This makes the panels extremely flexible as they can be tailored to individual specifications and design themes.

Cloth fabric installation is simple! push cloth into the ClothGrip™ Extrusions teeth using one of our clothing tools. The teeth have been specially designed so cloth pushes easily in the extrusion giving its superior flat wall finish.

The sound absorbing panels are also known as acoustic panels.

ClothGrip™ Extrusions are sold in 2.5m and 3 meter lengths.

More Information
Weight 1.500000
Depth 32mm
Length or Width 2.5m
Colour Black
Manufacturer Camstage
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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